Lighting Costs Reduced 83% with LED Spotlights from GlacialLight

GlacialLight a division of experienced technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce that its environmentally-friendly led outdoor lighting wholesale products are being used in many applications around the world and providing users with energy-saving light of the highest quality.

One of the world’s largest international health and beauty chains, Watsons, has seen immediate benefits by replacing traditional 300W mercury lights with GlacialLight’s 60W LED Spotlights. For example, Watsons has seen an 83% reduction in energy used for lighting, as well as better light quality, at a key Watsons outlet in Guangzhou, China. Like Watsons, other consumers around the world using GlacialLight’s products are reporting energy savings and improvements in lighting quality.

GlacialLight’s GL-SP60 LED spotlights instantly began saving money for Watsons thanks to their exceptionally low power consumption. In future they will save even more on maintenance and replacement costs thanks to the GL-SP60′s remarkably long LED lifespans of over 30,000 hours. The trial location has replaced its traditional mercury lights with just 8 GlacialLight LED Spotlights. With no perceptible flickering, the GlacialLight Spotlights now provide Watsons customers and employees with better light quality while saving the company money. With staff and customers enjoying a more pleasant shopping and working environment, and management enjoying bottom-line savings, everyone at Watsons has benefited.

GlacialLight is excited to see its product lines being used to make businesses more successful and at the same time benefiting society by offering lighting products that have longer lifetimes and save more energy than traditional lighting, emit no harmful UV or IR radiation, and contain no hazardous materials such as mercury.

Excellent LED lighting products you can trust
Design of LED lighting products is based on three core technologies: electrical design (LED drivers), mechanical design (cooling devices), and optical design (lamp holders). In the GlacialTech family, these roles are performed by GlacialPower, GlacialTech, and GlacialLight. With these three core technologies in hand, GlacialTech has integrated all the resources required for exceptional products. The company manufactures excellent LED lighting products that you can trust.

Benefits of LED lighting compared to traditional lighting
• Directional lighting: ideal for flashlights/torches and spotlights
• No warm-up time in cold environments: LED commercial lighting wholesale need no warm-up time, unlike conventional CFLs
• No harmful radiation or hazardous metals: LEDs don’t emit harmful radiation, unlike ultraviolet or infrared emitting halogen lamps; and they don’t contain hazardous metals like mercury, which is found in mercury lamps
• Extremely long lifetimes free users from frequent bulb replacement costs
• Extremely small carbon footprint: an environmentally-friendly technology

Organic Response demonstrates autonomous lighting control with matchbox-sized sensor nodes

A matchbox sized Sensor Node that will change the future of lighting and revolutionise how we use, monitor and save energy in buildings throughout the world, will be displayed at cree xsp series led street light this weekend in Frankfurt.

Multiple award winner Organic Response is a disruptive technology threatening the future of traditional control systems and fueling imitation by new entrants to the autonomous lighting controls market.

Organic Response is the only lighting control system built entirely on distributed intelligence (see short video that is inspired by the behavior of schooling fish. This unique architecture enables incredible simplicity of installation and operation, yet delivers superior energy savings and occupancy comfort.

The core technology is the Sensor Node, which is integrated into light fittings during their manufacture. Importantly, NO additional wiring or commissioning is required during site installation – the Sensor Nodes start working the moment the light is connected to mains power.

Havells Concord OfficeLyte Organic Response Enabled luminaire has just won the 2014 Lighting Design Award in the Lighting Controls section is on display at Light + Building 2014.
Each Sensor Node (with motion & ambient light sensors, infrared receiver and infrared transmitter) adjusts its light’s output based on occupancy behavior and ambient light, and shares this information – using wireless infrared communication – with its neighbours so that they determine their own optimised light level. Whilst each light makes decisions individually, “distributed intelligence” communication means they all act together to deliver industry leading energy savings and occupant comfort.

Organic Response CEO Mr Chris Duffield said Organic Response represented the first wave of new Distributed Intelligence lighting technology that will make the complex lighting management systems in modern commercial buildings redundant.

“It is the start of a global roll out of the technology that can be cheaply fitted to any new or existing building in the world that has an electricity supply and an electrician to install the fittings,” he said.

The Havells-Sylvania luminaires will be among the first of dozens of new models and styles to be rolled out by European and Asia Pacific partners through 2014-2015.

Mr Duffield said the integrated luminaires have been trialed extensively with remarkable results, including energy savings of up to 85% and payback periods of as little as 3 years, proving themselves to be simple to install and cost effective to operate.

led street light wholesale is no need for bespoke design, additional wiring and expensive and cumbersome commissioning. It is a “plug and play” lighting technology that provides amazing power savings yet it can be controlled by an app on your iPhone,” he said.

There is also the potential to contribute to even greater efficiency within the built environment through the exploitation of what Organic Response calls the Occupancy Information Cloud (OIC) – the continuous stream of real time, location specific, occupancy information being generated by the system in response to occupants.

“This information is very valuable to other building managements systems (e.g. HVAC, lift management, security, etc) who can use it to make more intelligent decisions about their own operation, thereby reducing energy consumption even further”, Duffield said.

Artworth Offering Superior Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures at Reasonable Rates

Ever since its commencement in 2001, Artworth has been at the forefront of LED sign and display R&D, design, engineering and production. Based in the heart of Shenzhen, the manufacturing hub of China, the led high bay light for sale solution provider is doing a remarkable job in offering innovative and credible LED commercial lighting solutions to its humongous client base scattered across the globe. Dedicated to the cause of its clients to the core, Artworth has set benchmarks in customer services.

A senior official with Artworth stated in a recent interview, “It is culmination of years of extensive research, development and manufacturing expertise to produce a reliable brand in the LED lighting segment. Owing to the multi-functionality aspect incorporated, the range is finding application in diverse fields, ranging from oil fields in the Middle East to art galleries in Europe.”

To its credit, the LED lighting solutions provider offers a comprehensive range of LED products that include Bulbs, Tubes, Panels, Plug Lights, Down/Ceiling Lights, Track Lights, Strip and Cove Lights, Spot/PAR/AR lights to name a few. In addition to it, the company also offers a wide assortment of Flood and Tunnel Lights, including Low/High Bay, Underwater Lights, Wall Washers, Ground Lighting, Street Lights and LED Strip Lighting. Moreover, Artworth offers a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art commercial LED Lighting fixtures at competitive rates.

Elaborating on the commercial LED Lighting fixtures, the official further commented, “We take immense pride in offering superior commercial LED Lighting fixtures to our existing as well as potential clients at competitive prices. The led high bay lighting fixture on offer are highly energy efficient and enable users to save up to 90% energy, if compared to incandescent lamps and halogen bulbs. Moreover, they are durable and possess life expectancy of 50,000 hours. The commercial fixtures are functional to the core and can be used in various applications and projects, both indoors and outdoors.”

The commercial lighting fixtures on offer at Artworth are safe, as they neither contain hazardous substances nor emit UV radiations. Moreover, the fixture does not flicker. People can use the commercial fixture to brighten theaters, paths, lobbies, auditorium walkways and ground lights, together with landscapes, flower beds, swimming pools and decking. Considering the above-mentioned features, one can safely infer that Artworth is one of the most trustworthy LED light manufacturers.

What’re the working characteristics of fluorescent lamp and differences between LED tube and fluorescent lamp

Ordinary fluorescent

There is filament at each end of the fluorescent lamp, the lamp is filled with traces of argon and thin mercury vapor, the inner wall of the lamp is coated with a fluorescent powder, the gas between the filament at each end of the fluorescent lamp will emit ultraviolet when the gas is conductive,making that phosphors emit soft visible light.

Working characteristics of fluorescent: The lamp requires a high voltage to light up, which only allows through lower current when the lamp normally work, the voltage across the lamp is lower than the supply voltage.

Both ends of fluorescent tube is filled with the filament, the inner wall of the glass tube is coated with a thin layer of uniform phosphor powder,the tube is evacuated to a vacuum and a filled with small amount of inert gas, while being injected small amounts of liquid mercury. The inductor ballast is core induction coil, when the current in the coil is changed, the change in the magnetic flux is caused in the coil, thereby generating an induced electromotive force,the direction of which is opposite to that of the current, thereby hampering the current changes.

The starter in the circuit is playing as switch, which consists of a neon discharge tube in parallel with a capacitor, the capacitor is to eliminate electromagnetic interference on the power supply and form the oscillation circuit with the ballast to increase the amplitude of the pulse voltage started. A electrode in the discharge tube is composed by the bimetal, by discharging and heating the neon bulb induce the mutations of current through on the inductor ballast so that produce a high voltage pulse applied across the lamp,when the bimetal is opening and closing.

When the fluorescent lamp access to the circuit, the starter between the two electrodes begin to glow and discharge, then the bimetal expanded because of thermal contact with the stationary pole, so the power supply, ballast, starter and filament form a closed loop,the current preheat the filament, after being heated for 1-3 seconds, the starter between two electrodes do not glow any more, followed by cooling bimetal disconnect with the stationary pole, , the ballast produce a high-voltage pulse as soon as the electrodes are disconnected and the circuit current suddenly disappeared, so that the inert gas inside the lamp is ionized and cause arc discharge, the ballast inductance also plays a role in stabilizing current in the circuit.

LED tube   led-tube-t8-01a

LED tube light uses the LED as light source and work at DC current,which do not contain mercy and phosphor powder and is known as environmental friendly, long lifespan, energy-saving and wide projection angle adjustment range, the 15W LED tube light is equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamps. LED tube light withstands high temperatures and is famous for moisture and waterproof, leakproof. There Voltage: 110V, 220V available, the cover is made of glass or PC material.

LED tube light uses the latest LED technology, 12W LED tube light is equivalent to 40W fluorescent tube (for ballast and starter, the real consumption power of 36W fluorescent is 42W to 44W). The lifespan of LED tube light is 1.5 times more than that of the ordinary lamp, there is no need to frequently replace the lamp, ballast, starter. The LED tube light with green semiconductor light source and soft light, pure spectrum is in favor of protecting our eyesight and physical health. The cool 6000K cool white light gives us comfortable vision,, user-friendly design of illumination differences also helps us to focus and improve efficiency.

Les marchés émergents ont été lancés politique d’éclairage led d’extérieur .

Avec les pays avancés et matures, les marchés émergents ont été lancés politiques éclairage led d’extérieur , système d’alimentation LED en 2014 est prévu de continuer à bénéficier, il y a compris l’usine de Taiwan Epistar, Everlight, le nouveau siècle, Ronda, East Bay, Formosa épitaxie, etc. marché de l’éclairage sont le réchauffement de synchronisation optimiste. Industrie basée à Taiwan a dit que la politique des gouvernements à promouvoir l’éclairage LED, éclairage LED permettra pénétration à la hausse, par rapport à la pénétration TV LCD à rétroéclairage à LED est élevé, plus l’éclairage de croître.

La demande de haute puissance d’éclairage extérieur, récente élément basculant de marché (Flip Chip) demande progressivement, les fabricants basés à Taiwan ont lancé de nouveaux produits en réponse, en plus des applications d’éclairage, mais également obtenir beaucoup de TV fabricants de marque type direct mince LED ordres de rétro-éclairage de télévision.

Et observer les tendances du marché de l’éclairage LED, Digitimes Research a estimé 2014 en Amérique du Nord, en Europe, la part de LED mondial allumer trois domaines, la proportion du total atteindra 59,4%, soit une augmentation de 2,4 points de pourcentage par rapport à 2013, la réduction estimée du continent de 3,4 points de pourcentage au Japon. Dans l’ensemble, les pays avancés progressivement l’accent s’est déplacé de l’éclairage commercial pour l’éclairage intérieur, éclairage à la maison, etc, mais dans les pays émergents vont continuer à lancer le lifting des lumières et d’autres produits d’ingénierie LED, l’Europe et d’autres pays avancés ont également continué à importer plus de LED l’éclairage dans les villes, la construction publique.

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Éclairage LED en Chine se développe rapidement,les avantages des entreprises multinationales a été en train de disparaître.

Éclairage LED en Chine se développe rapidement, non seulement les entreprises locales dans la compétition, les sociétés multinationales et les marques internationales ont également la lutte contre le marché domestique de l’éclairage LED. Mais la concurrence des entreprises étrangères, en fait, les avantages des entreprises multinationales a été en train de disparaître, en particulier les raisons suivantes:

Tout d’abord, la réponse multinationale est lente. Changer la face du désordre dans le marché intérieur, les entreprises LED doit être rapide et souple pour s’adapter à la demande du marché, il a y compris la production, la configuration technique, la conception de l’éclairage, le dragage et d’autres relations de canal. Processus de gestion multinationales nombreux, face aux changements du marché, ne peuvent souvent pas être exécutés.

Deuxièmement, la force de solides entreprises manufacturières nationales. Dans la lumière, le produit il suffit de remplacer l’éclairage traditionnel à puce LED peut parvenir à une application. Ainsi, dans la demande des entreprises nationales dans la conception et l’application de lampes à LED est plus souple.  En outre, les entreprises nationales à innover plus rapidement que multinationale plus rapide et plus souple. Au cours des dernières années, les entreprises chinoises à coopérer activement avec les concepteurs et les échanges dans le domaine du design industriel international, tout en activement utilisé les dernières technologies pour améliorer la vitesse de la conception, telles que les applications de l’imprimante 3D.

Bien que l’industrie de l’éclairage LED est confrontée à beaucoup de questions objectives, telles que l’évolution du marché rapidement, le coût et l’instabilité des prix, l’absence de normes. Toutefois, les entreprises LED domestiques occupent toujours le climat, la géographie, et d’autres avantages, la guerre éclairage LED clairon, une société qui s’efforcent de faire de la planification et du développement, et d’améliorer constamment leur compétitivité de base, les possibilités pour les entreprises nationales seront mieux que les multinationales.

tube 3LED street lamps in Buenos AiresLED downlightsLED downlights120W-LED-grow-light-300x300LED downlightLED tunnel lights on highwayRGB LED floodlight

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Why do the LED downlights enjoy a great popolarity in shopping malls, offices, hotels,factories, hospitals, and other indoor places

LED downlights is currently being increasingly used as commercial lighting and engineering lighting, which not only can greatly reduce maintenance and replacement costs, but it is easy to control because of dimmable LED light source, the intelligent control can be achieved through digital control technology to achieve a variety of lighting effects needed for a single venue.

LED downlight   led-downlight-01

In addition, because the light emitted by the LED light source is more concentrated, intense chiaroscuro, which can considerably highlight the illuminated object and express the ambience needed. In terms of integration of environment and architectural decoration, LED downlights can maximize maintain the overall architectural unity. Especially for square LED downlights, the light source can be hidden in architectural interior, assuring that the overall style of the decoration is not destroyed, truly achieving the lighting design philosophy that is “see the light but not lamp”.

The downlights is widely used in home improvement projects, it is because the government advocating environmental protection and energy saving that the traditional downlights has gradually withdrawn from the market, LED downlights gain favor in the market and has become the most direct selection for consumers.

Why the LED downlights enjoy a great popularity on the market is definitely inseparable from the LED features of LED downlight, LED downlights is known as fast response speed, energy saving , environmental protection, long lifespan as opposed to the traditional downlight, so it is currently widely applied in shopping malls, offices, hotels,factories, hospitals, and other indoor places.

With the updates of LED lighting technology and development of design concepts, LED downlights will also be applied to more areas. It does not only be able to provide a better environment for business atmosphere light, but will also bring better lighting artistic experience to other areas of life in future.

L’aéroport international de Chicago a développé les solutions d’éclairage public à LED économes en énergie.

Chicago est situé dans le centre ouest des États-Unis, qui appartient à l’Illinois et est la troisième plus grande ville de l’Amérique qui est la deuxième à New York et Los Angeles, c’est parce que du vent tout au long de l’année, il est également connu comme ” la ville de vent “, Chicago est un centre américain financières, culturelles, de la fabrication, futures et matières premières commercial majeur, l’économie de la nation occupe le troisième rang aux États-Unis et est la zone de développement économique la plus équilibrée. Pendant ce temps, l’emplacement privilégié permet également de Chicago à devenir l’un des hub le plus important chemin de fer d’American Airlines, qui a au sixième rang aéroport international du monde – l’aéroport international O’Hare.

Le terminal de l’aéroport international et 2 tunnels souterrains de l’aéroport international O’Hare développé une efficace des solutions d’éclairage, terminées les projets de rénovation avec 690 pcs 150W à haut rendement réverbères carré Lampadaire LED pour remplacer la lampe traditionnelle. Après avoir été transformé, les lumières obtenir de très bons effets de lumière, l’éclairage de terrain éclairé sera uniforme, il n’y aura pas de scintillement, qui permettra la circulation des piétons et des véhicules, les conditions d’éclairage parfaits confortables. Pendant ce temps, l’effet d’économie d’énergie sera très importante, qui donnera un exemple de réussite pour Chicago pour créer une ville respectueuse de l’environnement et de développer l’éclairage vert.

Lampadaires LED à haute efficacité utilisent source de lumière LED avec lentilles conceptions de logiciels optique indépendants et développe pour répondre aux différents besoins d’éclairage routier et de l’énergie. Les lampadaires LED adoptent roman et, corps de lumière unique et élégant, qui est connu comme la structure unique et un design innovant avec “un refroidissement par convection”. En attendant, il est facile de l’assemblage, de produire et de maintenir pour les lampadaires LED avec l’humidité, imperméable à l’eau, le refroidissement transparent, la structure modulaire de sorte que les lampadaires LED peuvent être largement utilisés dans les routes urbaines, les autoroutes, les trottoirs, les places, les usines, les parkings, usines, des cabines de péage, auvent, stations-service et autres espaces extérieurs.

3Hare International Airport

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Efficient LED technologies improve lighting in residential and commercial applications

Lighting accounts for upward of 10% of total energy use in average US homes and up to 40% in commercial buildings. Conventional incandescent bulbs are woefully inefficient, with only 5–10% of the electricity consumed converted into useable light and the rest wasted as heat. Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are more efficient but have often fallen short in terms of performance and longevity. led street light wholesale solid-state lighting (SSL) has made enormous strides since starting out as a novelty niche technology. LEDs are now a viable option in a wide range of applications, as a case study in a residential setting has demonstrated. Moreover, a host of new technologies provide more options in commercial applications as well.
Within the lighting industry, however, leading manufacturers and lighting designers/specifiers recognize that the widespread adoption of energy-efficient light sources will not occur based solely on energy costs. Ultimately, the combination of energy efficiency, design, quality, performance, and price point will determine how much market share LEDs claim against incumbent technologies in commercial and residential applications.
Several years ago, Molex joined with a group of companies and government agencies and begin a project intended to prove that SSL could be used to dramatically reduce energy usage, while providing excellent quality lighting. Results of the Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) demonstration have now confirmed both the energy savings and how LED lighting quality can be optimized using the right design and technologies.
Methodology: ZEBRA Home #4
A collaboration between the US Department of Energy (DOE), ORNL, Schaad Companies, and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), along with Molex and other commercial partners, formed the Zero Energy Building Research Alliance (ZEBRA). The objective of the alliance was to evaluate the impact of various building systems, HVAC methods, lighting approaches, and appliances to identify the highest-performing options.
ZEBRA constructed four residential homes in Oak Ridge, Tennessee within close proximity to the National Lab. Oak Ridge homes #1 and #2 were identical in size and appearance, as were homes #3 and #4, with differing approaches to construction and subsystems. Lighting was among the subsystems evaluated by the participants. Solid-state LED lighting provided by Molex was installed in home #4 and its energy usage was compared to CFLs used in adjacent home #3.
Kevin Willmorth, owner of Lumenique, LLC, designed the led street lighting fixture in home #4 to demonstrate the capability of LEDs to enhance design, deliver proper illumination levels, and reduce energy use simultaneously. The goal was to make the lighting designs functional and aesthetically attractive. Home #3 featured CFL and linear fluorescent lighting selected from conventional luminaire showroom sources. The completed design resulted in 2.1 W/ft2 in energy usage for lighting in home

The International Airport of Chicago developed the energy efficient LED street lighting solutions

Chicago is located in the Midwestern United States, which belongs to Illinois and is America’s third largest city that is second only to New York and Los Angeles,it is because windy throughout the year that it is also known as the “Windy City”, Chicago is a major U.S. financial, cultural, manufacturing, futures and commodities trading center, the nation’s economy ranks third in the United States and is the most balanced economic development zone. Meanwhile, the prime location also allows Chicago to become one of the most important railway hub of American Airlines, which has the world’s sixth busiest international airport — O’Hare International Airport.

Hare International Airport   street-light-cl3-168w

The International Airport Terminal 2 and underground tunnels of O’Hare International Airport developed a energy efficient lighting solutions, completed the retrofit projects with 690 pcs 150W high-efficiency square LED street lights to replace traditional lamp. After being transformed, the lights will get very good lighting effects, the illumination of ground illuminated will be uniform, there will be no flicker, which will provide vehicular traffic and pedestrians with the comfortable, perfect lighting conditions. Meanwhile, the energy-saving effect will be very significant, which will provide a successful case for Chicago to create an environmentally friendly city and develop green lighting.

Hare International Airport    led-street-light-150w

LED street lights use high-efficiency LED light source with lenses independent optical software designs and develops to meet different road lighting and energy needs. The LED street lights adopt novel and unique, elegant light body, which is known as the unique structure and innovative design with “convection cooling”. Meanwhile it is easy to assembly, produce and maintain for the LED street lights with moisture, waterproof, transparent cooling, modular structure so that the LED street lights can be widely used in urban roads, highways, sidewalks, squares, factories, car parks, factories, toll booths, canopy, gas stations and other outdoor areas.